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What's New?

v1.4.2 CURRENT (26th May 2024)
  • Added Beatport and Bandcamp Link Clicks to Advanced Stats Page.
  • Design Enhancements.
  • Fixed .wav file not accepted upload error.
v1.4.1 (22nd May 2024)
  • Bandcamp Track Links + Click Stats.
  • Added Sub-Genres - Hard House, Stutter House, Hard Groove.
  • QOL Improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.
v1.4.0 (29th April 2024)
  • Track Preview Management - You can now update the track name, genre, BPM, release status, and streaming links for your previews.
  • Track Release Status - Tag tracks with Unreleased / Upcoming Release / Released / Available to Sign.
  • Updated Web App Design - Styling has been updated in line with our recent mobile app enhancements.